Personal dream interpretation, church

NW Asks:

What does the following dream mean? A family, well a dad, mom and two young daughters as well as Granny looking for a new church. The first church is nice but the people there are mean and judgemental plus one church goer actually bullies the mom out of church, the second church is also nice but you have to take gifts for the members and the third church is great, people are friendly, sincere, sing alot and are like family, the female pastor suddenly struggles with the sound system but the person who dreamt it then wakes up before the dream is finished?

Our dream interpretation answer:

In this dream, the family’s search for a new church symbolizes a quest for spiritual or communal belonging and connection. The dream portrays different church settings, each representing distinct qualities and experiences.

The first church, despite its nice appearance, reveals a negative aspect as the people there are depicted as mean and judgmental. The encounter with the bully who drives the mom out of the church suggests a sense of exclusion or mistreatment in a religious or social setting. This may reflect a fear or concern about encountering harsh judgment or criticism from others in real life, particularly in environments where acceptance and support are expected.

The second church introduces a different dynamic, where members are friendly but have an expectation for gifts. This aspect might symbolize a sense of obligation or the feeling of needing to meet certain expectations or conform to certain norms in order to gain acceptance or be part of a community. It could reflect a desire for authenticity and a concern about potential superficiality or conditions attached to belonging.

The third church appears to be the ideal option in the dream. The people are friendly, sincere, and create an atmosphere of warmth and kinship. The emphasis on singing suggests a shared sense of joy, expression, and spirituality. However, the female pastor’s struggle with the sound system introduces an element of imperfection or vulnerability within this seemingly ideal setting. This could represent a reminder that even in supportive and nurturing environments, challenges and imperfections can still arise.

The dreamer waking up before the dream is finished indicates an incomplete resolution or exploration of the church search. It could suggest an ongoing need or desire to find a sense of belonging or to explore different aspects of spirituality, community, or personal growth.

Overall, this dream highlights the dreamer’s search for a supportive and authentic community. It portrays different aspects of social interaction, expectations, and challenges within religious or communal environments. It may reflect the dreamer’s desires for acceptance, sincerity, and connection while also acknowledging potential concerns about judgment, superficiality, and the presence of imperfections even in idealized settings.


Dreams and their meanings are unique to every individual and so dream interpretation is subjective. You must take into account your own thoughts, emotions and experiences and always find your own personal understanding.

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