Personal dream interpretation, birds

SW asks:

I had a dream last night about dead birds and came on here and saw this post! I cannot remember the whole dream, but I had a beautiful blue budgie / lovebird that had died. There were two actually. I tried to swallow them so that they could be digested to honour their bodies, rather than throw them on the compost pile (which was the only other option and I couldn’t bear to do this). It felt important for then to be digested. I tried to swallow both but struggled to get them down my throat. I sat with them stuck half way down for a while, and then I found a woman and asked her to pull them out. She managed to pull the one out (the sensation was awful!) The other one was too far down. It was a very strange feeling, the whole thing. I have been dealing with a strange feeling in my throat for a while. Any insights appreciated!

Our dream interpretation:

Dreams involving dead birds can carry symbolic meanings. In this dream, the presence of the dead blue budgies or lovebirds may represent a loss or the end of something significant in your life. Birds are often associated with freedom, inspiration, and the spirit, so their death could symbolize a sense of constraint, loss of vitality, or the suppression of your own expression and creativity.

Your attempt to swallow the birds and digest them could indicate a desire to internalize and honor the significance of their presence in your life. It suggests a need to process and integrate the lessons or experiences associated with the loss. However, struggling to swallow them and having them get stuck halfway down your throat may reflect the difficulty you’re experiencing in fully accepting or assimilating this loss. It could represent the emotional and psychological challenges you face in dealing with the situation.

Personal dream interpretation, birds

Seeking help from the woman to pull out the bird that was stuck halfway down your throat signifies your willingness to seek support and assistance in processing and releasing the emotions and burdens associated with the loss. The unpleasant sensation you felt during this process might indicate the discomfort and pain that can arise when confronting and dealing with emotional issues.

The strange feeling in your throat, which you mentioned has persisted in waking life, could be a somatic manifestation of the emotions and unresolved feelings connected to the loss represented by the dead birds in your dream. It may be a sign that there are unexpressed emotions or thoughts that need to be acknowledged and released for your overall well-being.

Consider exploring the emotions and thoughts related to the loss or ending that the dream represents. Engaging in introspection, self-reflection, or even talking to a trusted friend, counselor, or therapist can help you process and navigate through these emotions. By addressing and releasing the emotions associated with the dream, you may find relief from the strange feeling in your throat and gain a deeper understanding of the significance of the dream in your personal journey.


Dreams and their meanings are unique to every individual and so dream interpretation is subjective. You must take into account your own thoughts, emotions and experiences and always find your own personal understanding.


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  1. Thank you so much for this interpretation. It really resonates deeply. I’ve been through a lot recently, including losing my breasts through breast cancer and the associated treatment. I’m struggling to talk about the pain of this and to come to terms with it as I did not want to go through with it. Much grief and regret! Thank you for shining your wise light on this dream.


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