Forest Witch Personal Dream Interpretation

AP Asks:

I came across the witch in a forest. Ended up being dismembered and put in a glass jar. Didn’t feel pain or anything, my mind was still working as well as my eyes . One of the jars that my eyes was in and the rest started to fall from apartment block idk why. And while falling I could see in to people’s apartments and what they’ve been doing, it was dark outside. I could see different parts of me falling down inside the jars. And I completely forgot what has happened to me and instead was watching other peoples life through a window. Fall never ended and I woke up in the morning.

Our Personal Dream Interpretation Answer:

In this dream, you found yourself in a mysterious and unsettling encounter with a witch in a forest. The dismemberment and placement of your body parts in glass jars indicate a sense of vulnerability and loss of control in your waking life. However, interestingly, you did not feel any pain during this process, and your mind and eyes remained intact, suggesting a detachment from the emotions associated with the experience.

As the jars, including one containing your eyes, fell from an apartment block, you gained a surreal ability to observe people’s lives through their apartment windows. This indicates a sense of detachment or disconnection from your own reality, as you became engrossed in watching others’ lives rather than focusing on your own experiences.

The constant falling and the inability to recall the events that led to your dismemberment could symbolize a feeling of being stuck or unable to move forward in your waking life. It may signify a sense of disorientation or a loss of direction, where you have become disconnected from your own experiences and are instead preoccupied with observing others’ lives.

you found yourself in a mysterious and unsettling encounter with a witch in a forest.

The dream’s dark and never-ending fall, coupled with the feeling of being unable to remember what happened, may evoke a sense of uncertainty or anxiety about the future. It suggests that you might be grappling with unresolved issues or feelings that are impacting your ability to fully engage with your own life.

Overall, this dream could be a reflection of internal conflicts or feelings of detachment from your own experiences. It may serve as a subconscious message to reconnect with your emotions, experiences, and personal journey. Exploring the reasons behind these feelings and finding ways to regain a sense of control and direction in your waking life could bring clarity and a sense of purpose.


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