Stadium & Sadness Personal Dream Interpretation

GM Asks:

I dreamt I was at a large indoor sports stadium I had a private booth number 378, it was decked out like a camping room. There were other people in the room like an organised camp out. Once we got settled put our things away, one friend went to the shops, one went to check out the local restaurants so we can eat out later, I went to check out the interior of the sports stadium. As I was walking down these stairs the crowd was busy and watching me walk. I felt famous, then a group of American indian woman looking at me motioned for me to look behind me, as I looked I saw an ameican indian young girl hanging from the rafters, people were getting her down I thought she was alive. I looked back at the group of women they looked sad. I looked back and realised the young girl hung herself. I walked back up the stairs not terrified not shocked but i knew she was with her people who will care for her. When I got to the top of the stairs I was looking in these holes and finding a thick stick so I can prepare to set a ritual for her safe journey. When I found 1 solid stick people were giving me chocolate and gifts

Our Personal Dream Interpretation Interpretation:

In your dream, the large indoor sports stadium represents a setting where people gather for entertainment, competition, and social interaction. Your private booth, number 378, symbolises a sense of personal space and individuality within this bustling environment. The booth being designed like a camping room suggests a desire for comfort, familiarity, and a connection to nature.

The presence of other people in the room, participating in an organised camp out, signifies a sense of community and shared experiences. This highlights your need for social connections and the enjoyment of collective activities. As your friends go off to explore different aspects of the stadium, it reflects your own curiosity and desire to explore and discover new things.

As you descend the stairs and feel the gaze of the crowd upon you, there is a sense of recognition and importance. This suggests a longing for recognition, validation, or a desire to stand out in some way. The group of American Indian women who motion for you to look behind you represent wisdom, spirituality, and guidance. Their presence symbolises an inner wisdom or intuition that calls your attention to something significant.

As you descend the stairs and feel the gaze of the crowd upon you, there is a sense of recognition and importance.

When you see the young American Indian girl hanging from the rafters, it initially appears as if she is alive, reflecting a glimmer of hope and concern for her well-being. However, upon realising that she has taken her own life, you experience a range of emotions, including sadness and acceptance. This event may symbolise a deeper exploration of themes related to loss, grief, or the acknowledgement of painful realities.

The fact that the young girl is with her people suggests a belief in the continuation of life beyond death and the presence of ancestral or spiritual support. It signifies a sense of solace and comfort in knowing that she is now in the care of her community, finding peace and resolution in the afterlife.

As you ascend the stairs again, the act of searching for a thick stick to prepare for a ritual signifies your desire to honor the young girl’s journey and provide spiritual support. This indicates a sense of compassion, empathy, and a willingness to engage in rituals or practices that can help in the healing process.

The gesture of receiving chocolate and gifts from others represents their acknowledgement and support during this challenging time. It reflects acts of kindness, love, and the willingness of others to offer comfort and assistance as you navigate through difficult emotions.

Overall, this dream suggests a deep exploration of themes related to community, spirituality, loss, and the significance of honouring and supporting others in times of hardship. It encourages you to embrace your own intuition, seek solace in spiritual beliefs or practices, and recognise the importance of compassion and connection in times of emotional turmoil.


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