Old House Personal Dream Interpretation

RE Asks:

I’m in my old house, I know it’s haunted, I feel a presence upstairs and I don’t want to go up, but my nan appears (she has passed) she goes upstairs to my bedroom and I follow her, I ask her if there is something here and she says yes! Same dream, always a presence of being haunted in a house, sometimes it varies, but that is usually the details.

Our Personal Dream Interpretation Answer:

In this dream, your old house represents a familiar and nostalgic setting from your past. The sense of it being haunted symbolizes unresolved emotions or unfinished business associated with that time in your life. The presence you feel upstairs indicates an unsettling energy or unresolved issues that are affecting your subconscious mind.

The appearance of your deceased nan in the dream carries significant symbolism. She represents wisdom, guidance, and protection. Her presence indicates a connection to your ancestral roots and a source of comfort during times of uncertainty. By going upstairs and following her, you are seeking her guidance and support in confronting the haunting presence.

In this dream, your old house represents a familiar and nostalgic setting from your past.

The fact that your nan confirms the presence in your bedroom suggests that there may be underlying fears or unresolved emotions linked to your personal space or intimate aspects of your life. This could indicate that you are carrying hidden fears, secrets, or emotional baggage that needs to be addressed and released.

Overall, this dream is a reflection of unresolved emotions, fears, or experiences from your past that are haunting your present. It is an invitation to explore and confront these issues, seeking guidance and support from your inner wisdom and ancestral connections. By acknowledging and addressing these hidden aspects, you can find healing, closure, and a sense of peace in your waking life.


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