Pub & House Personal Dream Interpretation

GM asks about a dream:

Leaving my boyfriend with his mates at the pub, walking home walked through a big white house back yard with a few tombstones leaning against the back fence. I read one tombstone was for the local ranger. Then walked past 2 fat white chickens and woke up.

Our Personal Dream Interpretation Answer:

In your dream, there are several notable elements: leaving your boyfriend at the pub, walking through a big white house’s backyard with tombstones against the fence, reading a tombstone for the local ranger, and encountering two fat white chickens. Here is a potential interpretation of your dream:

Leaving your boyfriend at the pub may symbolise a desire for independence or the need for some personal space and time. It could suggest that you are seeking a break from the responsibilities and dynamics of your relationship, wanting to explore your own interests or find a sense of individuality.

Walking through the big white house’s backyard with tombstones leaning against the fence could represent a journey through the subconscious mind or a reflection on the past. The presence of tombstones may indicate the need to confront and acknowledge past experiences, memories, or emotions that have been buried or forgotten. The specific mention of the local ranger’s tombstone could suggest a connection to authority figures or a sense of guidance and protection in your life.

big white house's backyard with tombstones

Encountering two fat white chickens in your dream may symbolise fertility, abundance, or nurturing aspects of yourself or your life. Chickens are often associated with domesticity and motherhood. Their presence could indicate a desire for stability, comfort, or a nurturing environment.

Overall, this dream may reflect your subconscious thoughts and emotions surrounding your relationship, your past experiences, and your desire for independence and personal growth. Exploring these themes further and considering your own personal associations and feelings related to these elements can provide deeper insights into the meaning of the dream for you.