A to Z of Dreams C for Colour

Dream colours hold significant meaning and interpretation. Colours can symbolise different objects and experiences. Different colors can represent various emotions, feelings, and symbols. A to Z of Dreams. What do our dreams mean? How do we interpret our dreams. Do dreams affect our real life?

Dreams about colour can carry various meanings and interpretations. Colour symbolism is often associated with emotions, symbolism, and personal experiences. One possible interpretation is that colours in dreams can reflect emotions and feelings. Vibrant and bright colours like red or yellow may signify excitement, energy, or passion, while cool colours like blue or green might represent calmness, harmony, or healing. The colours you see in your dream can reflect the emotions or moods you are experiencing or trying to express.

Another perspective is that colours can have symbolic meanings. For example, white often represents purity, innocence, or new beginnings, while black can symbolise mystery, the unknown, or transformation. Different cultures and personal associations with colours may influence their symbolic interpretations in dreams.